“expert songwriting...dripping with attitude"

“his lyrics are crafted with a thoughtful cleverness honestly unparalleled”

“every track on The Last Remaining Payphone in L .A. is a strong offering in a style that's shamefully underutilized”


October 18, 2016

There aren't many young players around actively channeling the powerful feel of New Orleans musicians like Doctor John, let alone doing it convincingly. This doesn't describe Chicago based musician/composer Logan Metz fairly, though. His danceable, joyful music has that same spirit, but it draws on too many influences to be so quickly categorized. Not too surprising, considering the musical company he's kept... READ MORE >

“A stunning debut”

“one of America’s next great troubadours”

October 7, 2016

Singer-songwriter Logan Metz’s jazzy crooning feels like a breath of fresh air; blown in from the not too distant past, and landing faultlessly on his solo debut album, The Last Remaining Payphone in L.A.. Metz’s songwriting style derives from a long tradition of storytelling pianists from California like Randy Newman and Tom Waits, which makes it all the more surprising to find out Metz is actually currently based out of Chicago. Even his barefooted playing style on the cover is reminiscent of sunnier shores, but perhaps it’s not that shocking, because there is slightly more of a chilliness and a sense of isolation pervading the album that separates him from his influences and his peers.

The production of the album is fantastic... READ MORE >

"songwriting so strong I thought it was straight-up Billy Joel."

"nostalgic sound with an edge—it feels fresh"

October 17, 2016

With the release of his debut album, The Last Remaining Payphone in LA, out October 21st, Logan Metz makes piano lessons cool for the next generation.

A former Los Angeles-based music and English teacher, Metz has toured with multiple bands on multiple instruments, opening for the likes of Willie Nelson, Leon Russell, and Kris Kristofferson in venues ranging all the way up to the Walt Disney Concert Hall. Now Metz, an MFA recipient from the University of Chicago, is striking out on his own to bring his personal mix of pop-rock and nostalgic piano jazz to the musical masses... READ MORE > 

"an absolute delight."

"Wry and fun... great, great stuff."

October 25, 2016

Logan Metz’s The Last Remaining Payphone in L.A. is an absolute delight. Eleven tunes strong, this is singer-songwriter stuff in the wry and fun Randy Newman/Dr. John mode (when they are wry and fun) with Metz’s great New Orleans-infused, growly vocals and piano leading the way. The wonderfully sardonic “Interesting People” opens with its Dr. John shuck and give, Metz’s piano popping along with wonderful horn players behind him... READ MORE >

“Metz pulls the curtains off the Steinway and tells it all.”

October 5, 2016

Like Leon Redbone or a more sartorially-oriented Randy Newman, Logan Metz lives through his instruments to tell a narrative rather than relying on the traditional format of a long play record. On The Last Remaining Payphone in L.A. Metz shares a cynical look back at his stint as an Angelino through championing virtue, condemning vice and all the while inhabiting a cacophony of vintage sounds. Metz is just as quickly one of the gang as he is one of the gang’s grandfathers, yet that hardly separates him from connecting with the sardonic youth scene.

The majority of Metz’ latest batch of songs sound as though lifted straight out of the Great American Songbook and filtered through an novelty player piano in some Southern California boardwalk...  READ MORE >

September 28, 2016


Off Chicago’s soul/jazz singer-songwriter Logan Metz’s upcoming album The Last Remaining Payphone in L.A., “Interesting People” is a fun single that shows off Metz’ nostalgic dazzle. Accompanied by a rousing display of brass and classic keys, this ode to individuality captures well a stage presence that “lies somewhere between Columbo and a Baptist preacher.” Certainly affixed to nostalgia and stories from eras past, the talented Metz – who worked as a music and English teacher in L.A for five years while touring in multiple acts – has performed at a variety of venues, including alongside the likes of Willie Nelson, Neil Young, Kris Kristofferson, and Bob Weir. Look for the full-length on October 21st from this classic-minded songwriter.